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Ever since Howard Schultz (the Founder of Starbucks as we know it today) came back from Milan with this idea of creating an environment like he witnessed first hand on his trip, where people would sit down for a cup of coffee to share their story, their business, their lives with one and another, coffee shops across the globe have been the birthplaces of ideas, connections and partnerships.

If you have had any success in life and in business, you understand the value of having access to a network of successful individuals, business owners and industry leaders.  Having a great network essentially provides you perspective, encouragement and many times access to a solution.  Finding expert advice at a moments notice will save you time and money.  We encourage you to connect with our incredible and growing nationwide network via our exclusive, private Linked-In group.

The 100 Cups of Coffee Challenge, 3 Simple Steps:

First – Take the "100 Cups of Coffee" Challenge - Networking accelerates you towards your goals!

Networking is for everyone, yes everyone. This means you! The misconception about networking is that it is some self-serving practice sales people need to do to gain more business. For some, this is absolutely the case, however for many it is not. For many, it becomes the most valuable resource they have to help other people. Networking from our standpoint is not about driving sales; it’s all about learning and connecting. Authentic networking is about learning someone’s story and connecting him or her to someone who they can help or who can help them. Having an authentic network, in time will become one of your most valuable assets, whether it’s for a job search, for knowledge, for perspective. Having the ability to leverage the experience and knowledge of others will be critical to your success in life and in business.

Who needs to have a network? Simple answer is “you”:

Influencer/Sales/Business Development – This is probably obvious to anyone who fits this category. Your life-blood is your pipeline and your pipeline is primarily built from the connections you have in your network. The network you create becomes a center of knowledge for you; your ability to make connections will become extremely valuable in your business.

Business Owner/CEO/Leader – You can view your network in two different ways, the first way is through your organization chart, learn all about the people inside your company, you will be amazed at what you learn and how understanding who the people are will help your business. Secondly, you need to have a network outside your company. Learn from other leaders, from their experiences and knowledge. Having access outside your company walls to great knowledge will drastically accelerate you towards your goals.

Corporate Career – Take the opportunity to learn about your company and how the organization works, take the time to learn all about the people inside your company. Secondly, you need to have a network outside your company. Many executives and leaders who have decided to leave their company soon realized the importance of having a network outside of your company walls. Dig your well before you are thirsty.

Emerging Professional/Leader – The connections you make should be much more focused mentors and building your core network to establish a foundation of knowledge that will become valuable in time. 

Email us at if you accept the 100 Cups of Coffee Challenge for 2017! We will add you to our "100 Cups of Coffee" Insight list!

Second – Every cup of coffee is an opportunity - be prepared to tell your story!

The answers to these questions will provide the foundation to your "story". Your "story" is critical to your networking success.  Write down your initial thoughts on the following questions. We will build from this foundation next week.

1) What - What do you do? Meaning when someone’s asks you "what do you do", what is your response? Or what do you want to do, if you are still in discovery mode?

2) How - How do you believe you do your job differently. Literally the process or the way you work with clients, what is different about your process versus someone else who is doing your same job at another company. OR how would you do it differently, if you are starting a new entity.

3) Why/Who - Why do you do this job or lead this company? How does it make you feel when a client or customer uses your product or service? What do you feel you are a part of or believe you are influencing or who are you impacting? Who are you as a person? How do you demonstrate who you are in a meeting or in a  conversation? Are you involved in a charity, have a special interest or hobby - do you have an "outlier"? How would some define you? And based on that definition, how are you demonstrating who you are?  

Here is a little cheat - People get intrigued when they learn who you are, why you do what you and how you do it differently. Most people will never engage with you based on what you do (unless you have a very unique occupation or company i.e. like being in the Special Forces or you work for a Sports team).

Third – Celebrate the meeting, what you learned and any next steps. What is the wow?  

Our goal is for the network to hit 10,000 cups of coffee by the end of 2016 – when you have your cup of coffee, send us what you learned what happened and how we can help.  We want to hear about your conversation and help you take the next step.  How do you plan to incorporate it into your plan?  How did you help the person you met with? Does this warrant a "wow" follow up? Email us and we will help you "wow" them -

Having access to the right connections, at the right time, can be critical to your success.

Membership in Arête Network will allow you to connect with incredible people all over the country and provide you with access to our experts.  The Arête Network will ultimately help you accelerate towards your goals in life and in your business. 

Joining Arête will not only provide the ability to connect with all of our members, but once you become a member we will help you learn how to use all the tools within Arête for your personal and professional development. Think of this way, we can provide you with a map, which will get you from point A to point B, however having access to a guide or a group of guides will take you much further than you could go on your own.

Once you join the Arête Network, you will receive an invitation to our Private LinkedIn Group. Start connecting, learning and participating as soon as you join. Contact us with any questions and let us start helping you Design Your Exceptional Plan at