Arete Network

As an Arête Member, you now have access to a proven planning process, exceptional insight and the great connections who may be critical to your success. Your membership in the Arête Network allows you to connect with incredible people all over the country and provides you with access to our exceptional insight providers.  We want to help you accelerate towards your goals in life and in your business, lets get started…

Take the next steps to ensure you are engaged & connected:

Step 1 - Weekly Communications - Get Engaged...

  1. We will email our Arete update every week, this will communicate everything going on inside the Arête Network, our projects, meet ups and launches. We will post a blog/newsletter discussion on how to use our exceptional tools and introduce you to one of our insight providers. This will lead into a discussion inside our Private LinkedIn Discussion Group for Arete Members. We will celebrate a story about one of our Arete members who embodies what it means to be “exceptional,” in life and in business.  We love the exceptional ones, the people and business leaders who are striving to make a difference - thats who the Arete Network is.

Let us know if you are not receiving the emails by contacting us at

Step 2 - Join The LinkedIn Group - Get Connected...

  1. Join our Private LinkedIn Group - click the link and then click the “Join” button.
  2. Download the LinkedIn App for Groups - participate and follow all Arête discussions (Go to your appstore, search “LinkedIn Groups”)
  3. Download our App - Go to your App Store and search "Design Your Exceptional Life"

Step 3 - Follow us on Social Media - Everyday we are up to something exceptional....

  1. Follow us on Twitter - @aretehpa
  2. Like us on Facebook - to start receiving our Facebook posts

Step 4 - Be Exceptional - Thats what we are all about...

We love the exceptional ones, the people/companies who are and the people/companies who are striving to be! They do things differently; they are “On Fire” for life. These are the people/companies who make the world better.  Exceptional people/companies sometimes cause change with a ruckus and sometimes they choose to make a impact behind the scenes, either way they choose to make a difference in the lives they touch. 

Learn what the Arête Network is all aboutand what you are a part of by clicking here

Step 5 – Tell us a little about who you are

Dr. Roger Hall has stated many times, that a map is good but a guide is better.  We want to guide you through Arete has to offer and all that you have access to.  Send us an email telling us a little about your story, what you are striving towards, how we may be able to help and we will start making the right connections and providing you with exceptional insight by leveraging our tools and our network. Email us at