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As you think about your life, your business, you may begin to wonder what is truly possible. If you have the drive, ambition and courage to really strive for greatness, then the Arête Network is the right network for you. Every member is striving towards Designing Their Exceptional Life and Building Their Exceptional Company.

Our members are moving beyond the kind of life and company that is just average, they are striving for exceptional. Many of our members have reached that level and are willing to share their experience & expertise with our members. If you have ever thought " what is really possible in life" and/or have a desire to build something significant, then you on the right path with the Arête Network! 

There are three critical elements to your success, a PLAN, great INSIGHT and having access to a robust NETWORK. Our Meet-Ups are designed for you to connect with other Arête members and learn from our insight providers, ultimately to in an effort towards helping you meet the objectives of your plan. We want you to see first- hand the exceptional people within our network, join us for a Meet Up. The details are noted below:

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Meet Up - St. Charles

If you have ever been through Silicon Valley, there is a road called Sand Hill road and its filled with little diners.  In these diners, ideas and companies were born, many of which you are familiar with today.  We want our meetings in St. Charles to be a catalyst for the community and the start of many conversations and ideas that not only transform the community, but adds to the incredible work that is already being done by so many business leaders in the area.

Location – Donatellis Bistro, 8653 HWY N

Time – 11-1 (Lunch provided for all Arete Members, Guests $10)

Contact to learn more and to RSVP.