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The concept of the Mastermind Group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in the early 1900's. In his timeless classic, Think and Grow Rich, he wrote about the Mastermind principle as:

The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony.
— Napoleon Hill

The simplest definition of masterminding is “brainstorming with one or more individuals in order to achieve and exceed desired outcomes.”

Mastermind Groups (also known as peer-to- peer advising) offer each participant an opportunity to share his or her knowledge base, skills and resources with one another with the intent of assisting each member in obtaining personal or professional goals and visions.

Think of your Mastermind Group as an objective advisory board that will provide you with honest feedback, new possibilities, and higher expectations and accountability, which will push you to new heights in achievement. 

We invite you to join one of our Mastermind Groups or consider starting your own in your community.  Everything you need to know is noted below:

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Focus - Business Development 2.0

The customer is going to be the winner in the next leg of the race! How are you finding them, WOWing them, engaging them and are they telling their friends and peers about you?  We are taking Business Development to the next level, join us if you want to be a part of the next revolution in “sales”.

Location – 10369 Clayton Rd.

Time – 8-9:30

Contact for details.

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Focus - High Performing Leaders

Every year we write a new business plan, set new sales or revenue goals, imagine if we spent as much or even half as much time on developing ourselves.  Self-help is not what we are talking about here, we are focused on becoming better in every aspect of our lives. Our minds are just like any other muscle, it needs to be trained and if trained properly produces incredible results.

Location – 8653 HWY N (Donatellis Bistro)

Time – 10-11

Meeting Dates Q1 – Current Mastermind is full.  If you would like to join the next Mastermind group or Start Your Own, contact us at for details.


Start Your Own Mastermind or Host Your Own Meet Up

If you would like to start your own Mastermind or host a Meet-Up in your city, let us know and we will start connecting you to Arête Members in your area. Contact us at, we have everything you need to get your group started.

Start by downloading our Mastermind Guide


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