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"Exceptional Events"

Our "Exceptional Events" are not designed to be a “leadership conference” and they are not organized to produce a certain result. They have been built for one purpose, to see what’s possible when you fill a room full of the best people we have interacted with in a given year. The people in attendance are friends, members, community leaders and anyone we meet during the course of the year that are true game changers.

The Exceptional Events are strictly by invitation only. You must either be an Arete Member be invited by an Arete Member or a personal guest of our leadership team.

The premise is simple, we start at 8am and we end at 11am, what happens during that time is truly inspirational!

Some people have called it a “family reunion”, some have called it life changing and others have said they were surrounded with some of the best people they have ever met.

There is only one true way to understand the benefits of of one of our "Exceptional Events" and that is to come and experience one!

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Second Quarter - Be Exceptional Event

Purpose is what we all have a desire to find.  Its personal, arguably its our life's mission. For our familes, purpose is what defines who we are, where we have come and where we are going. For our companies, it is not something you hand out at new employee orientation; this is something you demonstrate to the new employee by your actions. “Purpose” is told through stories, it becomes the foundation in which legacies are built upon. It is something that is demonstrated, over-time, by example with authenticity. Join Us on April 12th to learn more about our "Be Exceptional Project" and Start Designing Your Exceptional Purpose.

Event Date: April 12th- 8am-10am - Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute

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Third Quarter - Design Your Exceptional Culture

Our Exceptional Culture program has been developed by asking five thought provoking questions. Questions that you can consider and review with your leadership team and your employees, to gain their insight and perspective. Each of the five questions are paired with several videos from our Design Your Exceptional Culture experts. Join Us and Start Designing Your Exceptional Culture.

NOTE DATE CHANGE - from July 25th to September 11th

Event Date: September 11th - 8am-10am - Washington University Knight Hall w/ Barry Wehmiller Leadership Institute


Fourth Quarter - Design Your Exceptional IDEA

Every one of us has been created for a unique purpose. Our thoughts, talents, gifts and skillsets are all needed to create a world that is progressing for the benefit of our societies. It’s in our ideas that the world progresses, it is in our contributions to our lives, companies and communities. Join us and Design Your Exceptional I.D.E.A.

Event Date: November 9th -8am-11am- Location – Cortex Havannah Room