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Design Your Exceptional Story

The Harvard Business Review recently published an article titled, “What’s your story” on the importance of telling your story. The article stated “What we’ve come to understand is that one factor more than any other makes the difference: the ability to craft a good story.” Whether you are in sales, own a company, want to become a better networker, growing in your career or evaluating your next step in life, the single most important step you can take is to craft your story. 

Your ability to tell your story is critical to the level of engagement you want to create with your audience, your employees, your friends and your connections.  If you want to be an influencer, or someone who provides solutions, having the ability to tell your story in an exceptional way will be critical to your level of influence and success. Take the time to Design Your Exceptional Story, it is worth it!


What's Your Story?

Do you believe having a network of connections is critical to your success?

How you tell your story creates the connection you need to build your network

Are you going through a transition in life, job search, new career or a new company?

How you tell your story will influence those who are learning about you.

Are you in leadership or sales position where your influence matters?

How you tell story will engage your audience to believe in and follow you.

Do you lead an exceptional company or organization?

How you tell your story inspires your employees to be more and do more.

We believe the ability to tell your story is so critical to your success that we asked expert, Nancy Erickson (aka The Book Professor) to walk us through the key elements in telling your story to make a meaningful, impactful, and lasting impression on any one you interact with. Go through each video and the step by step instructions in the workbook below. By the end of the process, you will be well on your way to accomplishing everything you want in life, both personally and professionally...
After you craft your exceptional story, take the next steps to design your exceptional life and company. We want you to become an influencer in your community!