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Do You Have a Mission Statement or a World Changing Purpose?

Gary Baker

Do you have a mission statement or world changing purpose? 

Do you think there is a difference between the two statements? 

Does having a world changing purpose make a difference to your employees?

Would your company operate differently if you had a world changing purpose?

What would you say the societal good your company produces or supports?

Every business plan typically starts with the “mission statement,” it is a core element in early developmental stages of every entrepreneur’s business.  The initial mission statement probably meant something to the founder; it is typically how they wanted to serve their customer.  As a company grows, the need for strategic advice becomes a necessity and that is when the decision is made to hire a “strategic advisor.” Nine times out of ten, the need for an updated mission statement is thrown out on the table.  The leadership team contemplates each word to ensure it states exactly the “how” and the “what” there company delivers to their customers. However, it typically lacks the “why.” That is where most companies end up with an eloquently written mission statement and fall short of a world-changing purpose.  This is part of the process of how a company becomes less human and more corporate.  As you lose the human element within your company, your employees begin to feel it and ultimately your customers will as well.  Take Apple for instance, they decided a long time ago, they were not a computer company, but rather a “life-style,” and people bought in big time, while Microsoft continued to operate as a corporation. 

Let’s think about it another way, whether you are watching the Olympics, the NFL draft, the World Series, Undercover Boss, Shark Tank or any other program that is watched by millions, are you really watching it for the program itself or are you engaged because of the stories they have told about the Olympians, draft-picks, CEO’s or entrepreneurs that have caused an emotional connection?  We as humans want to connect with other humans, whether we are watching TV programs or buying products. We want to know whom we are buying from. We want to be emotionally connected. We want to feel as if our purchase is making an impact in our own lives and a difference in lives of others.

Your Mission Statement is what you do and how you do it.  If you give this to your new employees when they are hired, they will typically ignore it and just start selling, making, marketing your widget to make money for themselves.  You as an owner will benefit, at least until your employees finds another job that is willing to pay them a little bit more.  

Now what if you had “World Changing Purpose?” This is not something you hand out at new employee orientation; this is something you demonstrate to the new employee by your actions.  This purpose is told through stories, by having the new employee meet with employees and customers who believe and understand the purpose and why it is a part of what they believe as well.  It is something that is explained, over-time, by example with authenticity.   If your employees buy into the “world changing purpose,” they wont’ leave for a little more pay. Your employees won’t want to leave; they will be too engaged with the difference your company and most importantly, they are making in the lives they are serving.

If you still do not believe or fully understand the difference, think about it this way, what is the societal good your company is providing?  Who is the real beneficiary of your service or product? How are their lives better off from it?  What are the stories you are celebrating within your company walls?  Who’s lives are being enhanced because of what your company and employees provide?

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