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Design Your Exceptional Network - The Vent Model

Gary Baker

There are 3 types of capital that enables us to grow in our businesses, financial captial, intellectual capital and relational capital.  Assuming you understand the first two, we are going to focus Relational Capital:

Relational Capital – Case Study - “The Vent Model”

In the early stages of client / financial advisor relationship, the financial advisor continued to ask the new client about his ambitions, goals and vision for his life and business. As the client unfolded his dreams and ideas, the advisor provided him with an array of connections and insight to aid in the development of his business and his personal life.

The client finally said, “I have never been in new relationship where it was all about me, especially with a financial advisor. Usually I get the feeling that once they have me as a client, they immediately think, who can I introduce them too. However with your approach, all I hear is how you are surrounding me with people in your network that can help me. This is how an advisor should approach his clients. This is amazing.

Summary: think of an air vent, you want the client to feel the air flowing towards him/her, not away from them. They want to feel comforted and supported not drained or as a target.

Be sure to aim the “vent” at your client when you are meeting, not towards you. 

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