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Design Your Exception Network - Your Outlier

Gary Baker

Is your networking, not-working?

A great connector networks for insight, information, solution providers with the goal of becoming an influencer or a resource center for his or her clients or customers. 

The success of a network, whether we are talking about people or technology, lies in the strength of the connection and the connectivity of sending information from one area (or person) to another to provide a service or data or insight.   

"Not"working is a network based on little to no connection.  Information transfer comes to a halt,  it stops when the relationship becomes a transaction and only flows one way. Designing an Exceptional Network is more than just passing out your business card, its about real, authentic connecting. 

What is Your Outlier?

This concept can be explained in a very simplistic way, think about the last time you told someone’s story and why you told it. It stuck out in your mind, it “wowed” you, this is a differentiator for that person. That’s essentially what an outlier is, it is a story, person, result, action, something that stood out. Every one of us has an outlier if not, many outliers.However many times, we choose not to talk about it because we want to be humble or we ignore it because we think that no one would really see it as unique, special or different. Think about what makes you unique, experiences you have had that no one else has, this thought process will start you thinking about how truly unique you really are.In addition, start taking advantage of opportunities to really experience life. This is what makes people interesting and what will make you become an outlier. Now we are not saying to go sky dive so you have something to talk about, just nurture and pass on what you are passionate about to others. We are not suggesting you “brag”, however we are saying to celebrate your uniqueness. 

Take time this week to think about your outlier, your unique gift or experience that others would benefit from hearing about or would find engaging. 

Step 2 is completed --- keep going only 6 more to go!

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