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Design Your Exceptional Network - 3 Forms of Value

Gary Baker

A Thought to Consider.....

Brands/Companies/Processes must place the customer at the heart of business models. This is likely to involve creating new business models and organizational structures that allow for deeper customer engagement and that cuts across traditional silos. This will help focus our businesses on the contextual needs and value exchange opportunities for different audiences at divergent stages of a customer. A generation ago, we could compete on price because we held the information. Today we can compete on our intellectual processes/experience/know how. However the future will be for those who help the customers get what they want by collaborating....WITH THEM!

The three ways we all provide value in our products or services are Financial Value, Intellectual Value and Relational Value.  The importance of the knowing the three forms of value you  provide is critical to your company's story and to vital to your success in demonstrating the value you offer. 

1) "Financial" Value - Your Core Business - "What" you do: The monetary benefit your service provides, through an increase in top line revenue or decrease in bottom line expenses. Some way there is a savings in monetary means or in time.  They gain something by working with you (time, money or resources).

2) Intellectual Value - How you differentiate - How you do what you do differently: The benefit of working with your level of experience or your company’s expertise. Your knowledge and and process separates you and your service.  Essentially, you can demonstrate how you and your team or company can do it better. 

3) Relational Value - Your Outlier - Why you do it / Who you are: The insight you provide for all aspects of their life and business. Your value, your ability to standout among your peers, your uniqueness. Something that demonstrates you are truly unique. This goes beyond your business or service; it defines who you are.