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Be “On Fire” for life – live a life that is truly exceptional…

Gary Baker

We love the exceptional ones - the people who are exceptional and the people who are striving to be! They do things differently; they are “On Fire” for life. These are the people who make the world better.  Exceptional people sometimes cause change with a ruckus (thank you Seth Godin) and sometimes they choose to make a difference behind the scenes. Either way, they choose to make a difference in the lives they touch. .

When we think about why our network is truly exceptional, we believe John O’Leary is one of the driving forces behind the spirit of Arête. He has inspired us to become the best we can be in life.  

Take a second to meet John and see why he is the standard for living an exceptional life and learn why he even he strives to do more every day – your impact matters, more than you will ever know.   If you are “On Fire” for life, thank you, you are making a difference in the lives of those around you. 

As you know, exceptional people are always asking, “what more can I do”.  We invite you to answer that question by taking our Design Your Exceptional Life program. Over 6 weeks, we will challenge you to become more, be more, do more – not that you have not already accomplished a great deal, we just know the difference you can make to more and more people.  The world is starved for your gifts and talents, why hold anything back?

We are in search of those who want to be exceptional, those who have a thirst to do more, help more, serve more, be more to their families, their companies and their communities…this is who the Arete Network is for.

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