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What is your "Core" - "Differentiator" - "Outlier"

Gary Baker

What makes you, your service or your business truly EXCEPTIONAL?

It can be found in 3 Simple Steps:
Step1: Core - We believe that every business must first and foremost deliver their “core” service or product in an exceptional way. Basically, do your job, deliver your service, produce a product that gives the customer exactly what they paid for.  If you are delivering a solid “core” business or service move to Step 2.
Step: 2 – Differentiator -  In addition to delivering your “core” product or service, clients or customers want to see how you are different, how do you go above and beyond.  How do you or your company take your “core” business, essentially what your industry is producing (even if it is in the top quartile of quality) and add even more value than what the client or customer is anticipating. How are you providing your service so that it sets you apart from your competitors? People want to have a reason to change, you must demonstrate “how” it can be better with you or your company.  Your referrals will come from “how” you do what you do, not “what” you do.  More than likely, you have competitors who do what you do, but “how” you what you do is what matters. If your “How” is truly exceptional, move to Step 3.
Step 3 – Outlier - Lastly, a business must have a purpose, an outlier, something that causes their target customer to take notice, tell their friends, stand in line. An outlier can be a campaign, a mission, it can be anything that drives the heartbeat of your mission, helps raise awareness around a cause that is greater than your product or service and your company. It has meaning, it causes people to step back and say, “who is that” or “what company is doing that”.  This is different than a personal “why”, it’s a public statement about who you are, it makes people aware of who you are and defines you.  Therefore, you must have Steps 1 and 2 down first, you never want to bring awareness to who you are or what you do if you can’t deliver your “core” service or product or you can’t provide a reason or differentiator for them to think about making a change. 
Simple version:
Your “Core” is your home, once people are inside, take care of them.
Your “Differentiator” is your landscaping, make your home inviting and welcoming.
Your “Outlier” is your lamp post, shine it brightly and proudly on your home, you have something exceptional to offer.
We want to help you create an exceptional core business, add- value through differentiation and identify the purpose or outlier that will tell your market who you are and why you are truly exceptional!  
We want to change the conversation from
“what you do”
“how you do it differently”
“why you do it”
 “who you are”.
Our goal during our next two events is to help you and your company become truly exceptional, attract the best employees and grow exponentially.  

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