Arete Network

Design Your Exceptional Network in 8 Weeks

Gary Baker

Every week for the next 8 weeks we will walk you through 8 critical steps to help you Design Your Exceptional Network. We can assure you, having a robust network is critical to your success.  Start designing your network and be intentional about who you are connecting with and how it fits into your vision for your life, career and/or company.  

Step 1: Your first step in our 8 week process is to think about your responses to the 3 questions below. Write the responses down!  At the end of the next 8 weeks, you WILL have the framework and will be well on your way to designing an EXCEPTIONAL NETWORK.  Just follow along and execute the simple tasks we ask you to do each week. This will provide the foundation for you to have an exceptional 2017 - here we go:

1) WHAT - what do you do? Meaning - when someone asks you "what do you do", what is your response? Or what do you want to do?

2) HOW - how do you believe you do your job differently, how do you do it differently. Literally how is the process or the way you work with clients different? What is unique about your process versus your competitor. Another option is to thinking about how you would do it differently, if you were starting a new entity.

3) WHY/WHO - Why do you do what you do? How does it make you feel? What do you feel you are a part of?  Who are you as a person and how do you demonstrate who you are in a meeting or in a conversation. Are you involved in different charities, have a special interest or hobby? How would someone define you? And based on that definition, how are you demonstrating that is who you are?

Congratulations you have completed Step 1!